Instead of governing, Gov. Rick Snyder is all about campaigning for corrupt House Speaker Jase Bolger. 

Bolger plotted with former Democratic Rep. Roy Schmidt to switch parties a moment before the filing deadline and outsource the competition to a candidate of their choosing: his son’s friend. In effect, robbing Michigan’s 76th District of their voice.

Since then, Snyder has maintained that his focus is on the executive branch.

In July, he insisted to Grand Rapids TV station WZZM that Bolger’s corruption scandal was a “legislative issue” – dodging the question. He also ducked the questions of a reporter from MLive.

Apparently that relentless focus on the executive branch has faded for Snyder – he even cut a radio ad for Speaker Bolger.

So much for “relentless positive action.”

Michigan’s top prosecutor, Attorney General Schuette, says he is on duty… just not for Michigan families. He claimed he didn’t want to “second guess” a prosecutor’s decision back in August, so he never pressed charges or investigated the scandal that Bolger cooked up.

Now Snyder and Schuette are hitting the campaign trail in support of Bolger, while a one-person grand jury investigates the election fraud scheme.

And what about Secretary of State Ruth Johnson? One would think it’s the second busiest day of the year for Johnson – second only to Election Day. Instead of being hard at work in Lansing, Johnson is also hitting the campaign trail for Republican candidates on the Michigan Republican Party’s bus tour. 

It’s time for our elected leaders to start fulfilling the most basic functions that come with the job: to go to work for Michigan’s middle class, while ensuring free and fair elections. No more stumping for corrupt cronies, but simply rolling up their sleeves and and clocking in to do the jobs they were elected to do.

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