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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Outman slams opponent for bankruptcy while facing a mountain of debt, over $21,000 in delinquent taxes, and home foreclosure

LANSING – New documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act highlight the hypocrisy of Rep. Rick Outman (R-Six Lakes). Outman has repeatedly launched politically-motivated attacks against his opponent, former Rep. Mike Huckleberry, but records show Outman hasn’t been straight with voters in Montcalm County about his own history of tax delinquency, and faced over $21,000 in unpaid taxes.

These new documents show a history of tax liens and debt, including: failure to pay property taxes in 2006, resulting in the foreclosure of his home; $2,492 in unpaid taxes to the State of Michigan; and a federal tax lien of $16,000 in 2009. Outman was also sued in court by L&D Carey & Sons Trucking for $5,873 for non-payment in October 2008. Outman only recently paid his property taxes for his Montcalm County home on October 4, 2012.

“This is just the latest example of hypocrisy from Lansing politician Rick Outman,” said Zack Pohl of Progress Michigan. “When it comes to launching politically motivated attacks, it’s clear Outman thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Instead of hypocritically attacking his opponent, Outman should focus on paying his taxes on time, just like the hardworking taxpayers he was elected to represent. It’s time for Outman to come clean with voters about his own history of delinquent taxes, and start standing up for Michigan’s middle class.”

In the attached FOIA’d documents, you can see:

  • A state tax lien on income taxes for $2,492.09 on August 3, 2007;
  • A Certificate of Forfeiture of Property due to $3,277.42 non-payment of taxes on March 1, 2008;
  • A notice of a Federal Tax Lien for $16,225.22 on August 13, 2009;
  • Paperwork from the 77th District Court, a notice of a lien for a balance of $5,873.75 from November 11, 2008.

All documents can be viewed here:


Mike Huckleberry says Michigan should balance the state budget, but he can’t even balance his own budget. Huckleberry racked up $30,000 in personal debts he can’t pay. He’s been sued for not paying his bills… Rick Outman helped balance the state budget on-time and without gimmicks for the first time in a decade. He did it the same way he balances his family’s checkbook… Paid for by the House Republican campaign committee with regulated funds. Authorized by Rick Outman for State Representative.

The Outman attack ad, which aired on WBBL, can be heard here:

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