Secretary of State Ruth Johnson thinks she’s above the law. Rather than accepting her court date to answer for the misleading voter fraud claims she’s been pushing to justify her voter suppression package, Ruth Johnson claimed she had immunity and tried to send a subordinate:

An accompanying brief lists two reasons for the request — that Johnson has 11th Amendment immunity and that she should not be compelled to testify where a lower-ranking official has the requisite authority and knowledge.

Even worse, Ruth Johnson was arguing that no evidence should be admitted against her, including testimony from the county clerks that refuse to put the citizenship checkbox on the ballot. Fortunately, the judge in her case denied both of these requests, and today is the day Ruth Johnson has to answer for her efforts to suppress the vote.

During the primary, Ruth Johnson’s ham-handed handling of the election invited widespread scorn and ridicule, but that hasn’t stopped her.

If Ruth Johnson truly cared about the integrity of our elections (and as Secretary of State she should), then why did she assist in covering up Jase Bolger’s election fraud? The report shows the Michigan Secretary of State actively delayed the investigation by nearly two months, saying the request for video files had stirred up a “bee’s nest in the SOS administration.”

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