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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
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Only 1 in 110 votes solid for Bolger after election fraud scandal 

LANSING – Citizens’ groups Progress Michigan and We Are The People Michigan called on Republican candidates for state House to directly answer whether they would vote to support Speaker Bolger as leader of the House Republican caucus, should they win their election in November. The response was telling, with only one Republican candidate committing to support Speaker Bolger in the future as leader of the caucus.

Eleven in total responded to the initial email inquiry sent to all Republican candidates for state House whose email addresses were publicly available: Dan Grano (HD 2), Jasmine Ford (HD 10), Candice Rusie (HD 18), Art Blundell (HD 22), Rep. Ken Goike (HD 33), John Spisak (HD 53), Rep. Mike Shirkey (HD 64), Wm Nathan Sneller (HD 75), Rep. Mike Callton (HD 87), Rep. Greg MacMaster (HD 105), and Rep. Peter Pettalia (HD 106). Of those, only Rep. Mike Shirkey stated he would support the Speaker.

“At this time I don’t know who would be running for speaker of the house,” said Rep. Peter Pettalia (R-Presque Isle). “So I don’t know who I will be supporting.” Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) simply said “I will vote for him if he is the only one in the running.” Wm Nathan Sneller, running in the 75th District, stated “If elected I will vote against retaining the speaker. If he is unopposed I will challenge him…I have spoken with others, in office and running, who share my opinion but cannot speak out for fear of reprisal.”

Unfortunately, the remaining Republican candidates for state House were silent, refusing to disclose anything about the first and most important decision they’ll make in office.

“Even Lansing politicians know that voters deserve better than the failed leadership of Jase Bolger,” said Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “It’s clear that Speaker Bolger has the wrong priorities. He should be focused on building an economy that works for middle class families in Michigan, not short-term schemes to hold on to his own power.”

“14,000 Michigan citizens have already signed a petition calling on Jase Bolger to resign, and it’s good to see these Republican politicians joining them,” said Todd Cook, state director of We Are The People Michigan, a statewide coalition of students, seniors and working families. “That said, it’s troubling to see that so many Republican officeholders and candidates are unwilling to pull back the curtain on choosing a leader who will be responsible for next year’s legislative agenda, which will affect everyone in the state of Michigan. With the current leader up to his neck in a shameful scheme to defraud voters, that’s not a decision that should be made behind closed doors.”


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