State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville says teachers disagree with Republicans so what Republicans will do is punish them by using the government to target only teachers for right-to-work legislation.

Richardville says on Off the Record today that right-to-work legislation will happen soon, but only targeting public school teachers. He’s not interested in going after other workers, just teachers, he says.

For an elected official, let alone a leader, to use the threat of government action to retaliate against a group of citizens over a political disagreement is repugnant and should be rejected by everyone who cares about democracy and ethics in government.  

It’s an outrageous abuse of power and a terrible civics lesson for the students of the teachers Richardville is threatening.  The lesson: if you use your right of free speech and assembly to oppose Republicans, we will use the levers of government to destroy you.

This is the kind of behavior by you expect of powerful leaders in banana republic dictatorships. But in America?  In Michigan?

Richardville’s threat makes it clear that those who say rght-to-work is about politics, not rebuilding Michigan, are right. It’s totally about power and politics.  It’s the usual suspects making a power grab – extreme, anti-union politicians who are trying to cut benefits earned by hardworking teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers and bridge inspectors.

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