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Senate Leader Criticized for Retaliating Against Teachers Who Disagree

LANSING, MI—Progress Michigan today called on state Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville to rescind his reported retaliatory political threat against Michigan’s teachers and their constitutionally protected rights to participate in the democratic process.

“For an elected official, let alone a leader, to use the threat of government action to retaliate against a group of citizens over a political disagreement is repugnant and should be rejected by everyone who cares about democracy and ethics in government,” said David Holtz, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “This is an outrageous abuse of power by Senator Richardville and a terrible civics lesson for the students of the teachers he is threatening.”

Gongwer reported that Majority Leader Richardville said Friday on the news talk show Off the Record that he is supporting so-called right-to-work legislation targeting only public school employees.

“Senator Richardville was correct when he said he’s not taking up right-to- work legislation and he should apply that same standard and logic to teachers the same as other workers,” said Holtz.  “Right-to-work is about politics, plain and simple.  It’s the usual suspects making a power grab – extreme, anti-union politicians who are trying to cut benefits earned by hardworking teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers and bridge inspectors.”


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