THURSDAY, July 9, 2009
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Online Campaign Targets ‘Say No’ Senate on Government Reforms
Web Push Urges Senate to End Delays on Fixing Michigan’s Broken Government

LANSING – Progress Michigan today launched an online campaign targeting the Michigan Senate, urging it to end its months-long stonewalling on critical steps that can reform Michigan government and ensure state officials put people first, not special interests.

Citizens are invited to contact their senator by going to and sending them a letter urging them to put people ahead of special interests. Today’s online launch represents the first salvo in a statewide effort to dislodge the “say no” Senate from its prolonged inertia on critical issues.

“For too long, Michigan’s ‘say no’ Senate has refused to take action on critical measures that can protect our citizens, create jobs, and safeguard our quality of life,” Progress Michigan Executive Director David Holtz said. “The ‘say no’ Senate’s repeated stonewalling on key legislation is keeping Michigan in the dark ages. Through this online campaign, people can send the message loud and clear to the Senate: Enough is enough. The Senate must stop listening to the special interests and start listening to the people.”

The online campaign launched today brings attention to the Senate’s refusal to take action on legislation that will help make government more open, transparent and accountable to the people.

The online campaign urges senators to act on House Bills 4381 and 4378 and House Joint Resolution N. These measures will:

– Require Michigan’s state and local officials to disclose all their financial assets publically and abstain from voting on potential conflicts of interest; – Prohibit state office holders and administrators from becoming lobbyists for at least two years after they are voted or termed out of office; and – Dock the pay of any state legislator who misses a session.

Michigan is only one of three states that do not require their public officials to reveal their financial information. Michigan also has a revolving door between government and lobbying that must be closed for good. Michigan ranks dead last nationally when it comes to government openness and accountability.

In coming weeks, citizens groups will unveil more initiatives urging citizens to contact the Senate on other critical issues that it has left stuck in the legislative logjam.

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