Normally when my sister’s husband, Carl, goes off on politicians I’m right there with him. He got lucky with a last-ditch buyout from GM so is retired now and has a lot of time on his hands. He gave some of that time to the Obama campaign last year.

A former Reagan Democrat, Carl gradually morphed into a Move On Democrat and was a full-blown volunteer canvasser for Obama in 2008. He’s always been somewhat of a political bellwether for me.

So that’s why I think it’s a clear warning sign for progressives and Obama that Carl is pissed off with Obama these days. Really upset. The reason: Obama has aligned with the Wall Street crowd and instead of throwing the book and tough regs at CEOS, is instead giving them the velvet glove treatment and our tax money.

The real test for Carl, he says, will be health care. If universal coverage doesn’t happen, Carl says he will check out completely on Obama, all hope gone.

And if the past is prologue, Carl won’t be alone.

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  1. No litmus tests

    Our nation cannot afford litmus tests like Carl’s. If people refuse to support Obama in 2012 because conservative ‘Democrats’ won’t do their part for healthcare reform, then we risk a Palin Presidency.

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