While Michigan Republicans fight to roll back the state income tax increase that was raised last autumn to help balance Michigan’s budget, the Iraq Tax is ignored and continues to steal money from the pockets of Michigan families. And McCain’s commitment to stay in Iraq for another 100 years is not going to make it any easier on us.

In fact, had the hard-earned Michigander money George Bush and his buddy McCain poured into the Iraq war been instead invested in Michigan’s economy we could have seen 5,220,282 people with health care, 111,921 affordable homes, or renewable energy generation for 19,513,221 homes. And that’s just in Michigan. Oh, and let me say it again – Michigan’s budget could have been balanced – almost eight times – with the money that McCain and Bush continue to spend in Iraq and yet crazy right wing legislators continue this massive Iraq Tax driving up our national debt and crushing economic growth.

Right now Michigan families have spent about $13.9 billion to fund the Iraq War (oh wait it isn’t even a war anymore is it?) while people lose their homes, jobs, and the cost of oil continues to rise. So while State Rep. Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, Rep. John Stahl, R-North Branch, and Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair Shores talk about repealing the deal made during Michigan’s budget crisis to slightly increase taxes to help balance Michigan’s budget, they make no mention of the Iraq Tax which increases daily and has, according to the National Priorities Project thus far taken $34,000 from every family of four in Michigan and the nation.

So, if we really want to help Michigan residents out this tax season, end the war.

Sign the Petition to End the Iraq Tax.

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  1. WOW

    Get out of Iraq? Free Darfur? Free Tibet? Can “Progressives” (apparently the new code word for liberal) make up their mind? Or do you just want to fight based on some higher principal then money/oil? Do you have any idea what a war with China over Tibet means?

    My message to government: Stop spending my money on things that have zero benefit for me!!!

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