Do we really need more bottled water? Recent legislation passed by the Michigan Senate certainly moves us in that direction. Among the many things that SB 860 does to help open up Michigan’s water to corporate interests, it allows for up to two million gallons of water to be withdrawn each day without any kind of supervision or permit. Two million! Each day! By comparison, in Minnesota the limit is 10,000 gallons per day (one from each of their 10,000 lakes I would presume).

The bill would make up to 25% of Michigan’s lakes and streams available for this withdrawal.  This massive extraction is projected to result in a loss of up to 5% of thriving species from affected waterways.

In addition, SB 860 will weaken public control over water in this state, making it easier for water bottlers and other profit seeking interests to export our water out of state.  The Senate is trying to take away our voice to say no to massive water withdrawals now and in the future.

Know that favorite fishing hole you are planning on heading to this holiday weekend?  Better get some nice pictures of it because it might look much different in the near future.  But hey, at least when you make the trip up there in ten years – when the fish are long gone and the water level is down to kiddy pool size – you will be able to relax with a refreshing bottle of 100% pure Michigan water.

If this is not a future you look forward to then tell your State Representative to reject this environmental disaster waiting to happen.  Progress Michigan has a quick and easy way to do this.  Just go to and send your Rep. the clear message that Michigan’s water is NOT for sale.