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April 16, 2024

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Progress Michigan Statement on Chatfield Charges 

MICHIGAN – Today, Attorney General Dana Nessel held a press conference to announce criminal charges in the investigation against former House Speaker Lee Chatfield. Progress Michigan released the following statement, attributed to Sam Inglot, executive director: 

“Corruption and impropriety seems to be synonymous with the Michigan Republican Party. What started with disturbing sexual assault allegations by Lee Chatfield’s sister-in-law is now 13 counts related to the misuse of funds while in public office to pay for luxury items and vacations. 

“We appreciate Attorney General Dana Nessel’s steadfast commitment to holding public officials accountable and rooting out corruption. We look forward to seeing real accountability for Chatfield. While this case moves through the justice system, we hope that the Michigan Republican Party stops aiding and abetting shady, corrupt behavior. Egregious financial crimes like this had to be noticed by others in Republican circles and those who voted for Chatfield as speaker should be asked what they knew and if they regret their decision to make Chatfield one of the most powerful officials in Michigan. 

“Michiganders deserve elected officials they can trust and Republicans have been lining the bench with crooks. We have seen Republican leader after Republican leader go down in the legal system because of greed, corruption and dishonesty and the people of Michigan deserve better.”