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April 17, 2024

Contact: Denzel McCampbell,,  313-400-0298

Amid Another Successful Election, MI MAGA Republicans Fail Challenge to Voting Rights Laws

Yet another successful Michigan election, despite many MI Republican lawmakers election deniers continually trying to overturn the will of voters

MICHIGAN – Michigan voters and election officials are celebrating yet another safe, secure, and accurate election. As disinformation, conspiracy theories, and even harassment and threats make the jobs of election workers in Michigan and across the country more difficult, they continue to ensure our elections run smoothly and voters are able to make their voices heard.

“Right now, we’re celebrating another successful election while still remaining vigilant,” said Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan. “MAGA Republicans will stop at nothing to take away voters’ rights and spread disinformation about our elections.”

A report recently released by States United Democracy Center has classified 32 Republican lawmakers, nearly half of the Republican caucus in the Michigan Legislature, as election deniers. 

”In the wake of the 2020 election and Trump’s Big Lie, MAGA Republicans have continually attempted to use baseless conspiracy theories to restrict voting rights,” Inglot continued. “Michiganders shut that down. We made our voices heard loud and clear with Proposal 3 in 2018 and Proposal 2 in 2022, improving access to the ballot in Michigan. Once again, MAGA Republicans decided to ignore the will of voters and continue their grasping-at-straws legal approach to try and get their way.”

In fall of 2023, 11 Michigan Republican lawmakers filed a lawsuit claiming Proposal 3 of 2018 and Proposal 2 of 2022 were unconstitutional, attempting to get them overturned. Last week, a federal court dismissed the lawsuit, finding it without merit. 

“Another MAGA lawsuit seeking to overturn the will of voters has ended up exactly where it belongs: in the trash,” Inglot continued. “MAGA Republicans’ continued attempts to cling to power by any means necessary so they can rule for the wealthy few reek of desperation. Michiganders have shown time and again we know who should—and who does—hold the true power in deciding our future: voters.”