News from Progress Michigan

October 3, 2023

Contact: Denzel McCampbell,

MIGOP Payment to Ottawa Impact-affiliated Firm Raises Red Flags and Questions

LANSING — Following the news that the Michigan Republican Party paid a business associated with Ottawa Impact President and Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Chair Joe Moss over $74,000 for undisclosed services, Progress Michigan Managing Director Denzel McCampbell released the following statement:

“While it is well-established that Kristina Karamo and Joe Moss are more concerned with their extremist agendas than actually serving the people of Michigan. Today’s news makes it clear there may be another motive: lining their own pockets. While Karamo has been making headlines for her failure to fundraise for the party, Moss is raking in loads of cash and there is no transparency in regards to what the payment was for. If this $74,000 payment happened behind the scenes, what else have they kept in the dark? 

“Ottawa Impact and the MIGOP have brought the kind of hateful, dangerous extremism that used to be relegated to the dark corners of the internet both into the light and into the sphere of public service. Karamo and Moss are cooking with the same recipe: conspiracy theories, right-wing extremism, Christian nationalism, secrecy, and bigotry, with—as this news appears to show—a lack of transparency that only brings up more questions about their true motives. We cannot let this behavior go unchecked and we must call it out for what it is: poisonous to our communities and our state.”