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September 13, 2023

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New Poll: Voters Support Whitmer Priorities, Pro-Worker Reforms

Paid leave, severance pay, closing dark store loophole among popular policies

MICHIGAN – On Monday, Progress Michigan released the latest edition of Lake Effect, a monthly research newsletter that tracks public opinion about a variety of political issues and public figures. This month’s edition features questions about Gov. Whitmer’s policy agenda, as well as several other emerging issues.

“From the surge in union activity to the continued results from poll after poll, Michiganders continue to make it clear we value workers’ rights and believe in holding corporations accountable. The legislature should seize the moment and pass bold, progressive changes during the fall session. Michiganders are hungry for it,” said Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan. “No matter how many tantrums the Michigan GOP throws, the fact remains that Gov. Whitmer’s vision for Michigan is broadly popular, in addition to being good policy. In terms of corporate accountability, voters are sick and tired of companies doing whatever they want without facing consequences, and we’re ready to see policy changes across all industries to ensure that the greater good isn’t sacrificed for the sake of corporate profits.”

“Lastly, it’s Michigander, not Michiganian, and the vast majority of people in this state rightly understand that simple fact,” Inglot continued. 

More detailed results are available hereSome key takeaways include:

  • 55 percent of respondents support implementing 15 weeks of paid family leave for workers to deal with family or medical issues. 25 percent oppose the policy, while 20 percent say they’re not sure.
  • When presented with the policy agenda Gov. Whitmer outlined in her “What’s Next?” speech, 59 percent of those polled said they support this framework, while 37 percent oppose it.
  • 62 percent of respondents support requiring companies to pay severance when 20 or more employees are laid off, compared to 22 percent who oppose the policy. 16 percent remain unsure.
  • 62 percent of respondents support closing the “dark store” loophole that allows retail corporations to dodge property taxes, while just 13 percent oppose.
  • 56 percent of those polled support giving judges the ability to review sentences for people who have already served significant time in prison and are deemed at low risk of committing future crimes. 27 percent oppose the policy.
  • 69 percent of those polled support reforming  the farm commodity checkoff program to provide greater transparency for independent farmers and consumers on the federal lobbying for these programs.. Just 5 percent oppose this change.
  • 73 percent of respondents prefer “Michigander” while just 9 percent prefer “Michiganian” when referring to Michigan residents.