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August 5, 2021

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Child Refugees Deserve Compassion and Civility

Residents of Alma Need to Look at the Facts, Not Baseless Fear Mongering 

MICHIGAN – Amid a vitriolic atmosphere in a small Michigan town where anti-immigrant grifters have spread misinformation about a proposed facility for child asylum seekers, the residents of Alma must use their full conscience when considering this rezoning ordinance. Unfortunately, the Alma Planning Commission denied the request without taking reality into account, and the issue will now go before the Alma City Commission for a final decision.

“Everyone, whether you’re Black or white, native or newcomer, or from a city or small town knows that the strength of our communities depends on us being welcoming to one another, especially our neighbors,” said Sam Inglot, deputy director of Progress Michigan. “Unfortunately, a faction of outsiders has spread unfounded, malicious claims with the intent to stoke fear and xenophobia in Alma. Michigan thrives when we support diverse and inclusive communities, and the Alma City Commission should welcome children into their community with a safe place to stay. They should listen to facts, not fear.”