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January 6, 2020

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Progress Michigan Statement on Right-Wing Violence in D.C.

Republicans who backed Trump’s lies about election, fueling violence, must resign

MICHIGAN — Progress Michigan is calling for the resignation of Congressional representatives who gave fuel to Donald Trump’s attempts to bulldoze over democracy and lie about the November election. Lisa McClain, Tim Walberg and Jack Bergman have disgraced their positions and are directly complicit in the violent, right-wing riot that gripped the United States Capitol today. 

“By carrying the torch of Trump’s lies, Representatives Bergman, McClain and Walberg helped light the fires of violence that engulfed the nation’s capital today. They have disgraced their offices, spread lies about our democracy and they should resign in disgrace immediately,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Trump’s lies about our election have always been dangerous and no one should be completely surprised by the violence that took place today after everything we’ve seen in committee hearings and in the halls of Michigan’s Capitol building. For the years and the months leading up to the election, Republicans cozied up to Trump’s delusions in an effort to bolster their own political careers and they need to be held accountable. This right-wing mob has been simmering for months, and the actions of Michigan Republicans had a hand in causing it to boil over into the full-blown terrorist act we saw today. This is a sad day in American history, and we will not forget those in Congress, the Michigan Legislature or other actors in the political landscape who were party to it. Consequences for these seditious acts must be swift and certain.”