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December 1, 2020

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Senate Oversight Committee Prepares for Another Sham Hearing

Michigan Republicans continue efforts to bolster conspiracy theories and doubt

MICHIGAN – Michigan’s Senate Oversight Committee still refuses to allow public testimony about the vote-counting process at the TCF Center in Detroit but, for some reason, they will hold another election hearing tomorrow. With statewide election results already certified, this meeting appears to be yet another attempt by Republican lawmakers to sow doubt about our election system, despite the utter lack of evidence for any claims of fraud or incorrect vote totals.

“Republicans are holding these hearings to appease those in their base who have sadly bought into Trump’s lies and misinformation around our election. Elected officials need to show some leadership and adherence to the truth and tell it like it is. Our elections were safe, secure and accurate. Anything less than that does long term harm to confidence in our election systems,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The election is over and the people of Michigan are ready to move forward together. What we need right now are policies to combat COVID-19 and provide support to Michiganians struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic—not more in-person political theater that risks the health of senators, staff and the public for the sole purpose of amplifying disinformation.”