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August 14, 2020

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Shirkey Says Vulnerable Michigan Residents Should ‘Suffer through’ Pandemic

Majority Leader’s comments show stunning lack of empathy

MICHIGAN – On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said he was okay with the federal government declining to send any more COVID-19 relief funding, saying that Michigan has crippled its economy and people will just have to “suffer through it” until things get back to normal. The following response can be attributed to Sam Inglot, Deputy Director of Progress Michigan:

“Once again, Mike Shirkey has put his cruel disdain for working people on display. Shirkey’s own business has benefited from a federal assistance program and now he’s saying, ‘I got mine and everyone else can pound sand.’ Shirkey wants Michigan families to suffer so he can score political points against Gov. Whitmer. Mike Shirkey has spent his entire career putting his own needs and the needs of corporate interests over working people’s safety and well-being—but now more than ever, his constituents need him to step outside his bubble of privilege and stand up for our lives.”