For the last six years, Gary Peters has consistently been doing the work Michiganders want to see in Washington, while keeping a relatively low profile. He’s not flashy, but it’s clear from his time in the U.S. Senate he’s been focused on getting results, not seeking the spotlight. 

Here’s what you need to know about how Gary Peters has stood up for our access to health care and human right to clean, safe drinking water:

  • Defending the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which helps keep our Great Lakes clean
  • Pushing to update and replace aging pipelines that threaten our environment and public health
  • Supporting a cleaner, more sustainable energy system that will help curb the impact of climate change
  • Combating the use of PFAS chemicals that contaminate our water and soil
  • Protecting Michiganders with preexisting conditions and standing up for the Affordable Care Act as Trump and the GOP work to undo all the progress made under the Obama administration
  • Working to make sure Michigan’s kids have health care by expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Supporting laws that would hold big drug companies accountable and expand access to needed medications

Gary Peters isn’t the kind of senator to put on a show for the news—he’s the kind of senator who rolls up his sleeves and gets to work on the issues Michiganders care about. Call Gary Peters today at (202) 224-6221 and thank him for being a champion for clean drinking water and affordable health care.