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July 19, 2018

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Snyder Sends Letter to Protect Thin-Skinned Corporate Donor

Citizens have a right to protest and call out business lobbyists trying to protect gerrymandering

MICHIGAN — Gov. Rick Snyder has sent a letter to various organizations and candidates for office calling for “civility” in public discourse. It is believed that the letter was sent because of an aggressive ad campaign made against GOP donor and Michigan Chamber of Commerce board chair Mark Davidoff and his organization’s opposition to a ballot campaign that would do away with partisan gerrymandering. It’s worth noting that Progress Michigan did not receive a letter from Snyder.

However, given Snyder’s record as governor and the actions of other Republicans in power — the pain he has inflicted on Michigan, and particularly its marginalized communities — the letter is nothing but a hollow and ironic gesture made to appease yet another wealthy GOP donor.

“Why is it when a corporate CEO and Republican donor is made to feel uncomfortable that Rick Snyder uses his official capacity as governor to call for civility? It’s because that’s the only thing that moves him and his administration: the whims of the wealthy,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “For nearly a decade Rick Snyder, Bill Schuette and Republicans in the legislature have used their power to inflict real pain and violence on communities across this state, like with Flint, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and communities of color. That’s real violence. They have ruined lives and harmed this state. Where were the letters for civility when Donald Trump was mocking people with disabilities and calling for protesters to be assaulted? Where were the letters for civility when Gary Glenn called Consumers Energy ‘terrorists’? No letter was sent when Patrick Colbeck espoused his anti-Muslim rhetoric on the Senate floor. Where were the letters for civility when the Capitol doors were locked on working people and they were pepper sprayed in the face? People like Snyder and Schuette can talk all they want about civility, but it’s completely disingenuous. Bill Schuette signed the letter even though he’s hitched his political career to the Trump wagon of sexism and bigotry and refuses to disavow child predator Ted Nugent. And Rick Snyder and his administration have waged a war against marginalized communities and their freedoms while at the same time preaching ‘relentless positive action’. For people like Bill Schuette and Rick Snyder, their words are as blank as the paper the letter was printed on because their actions have already spoken for them.”

For the record, if Progress Michigan had received a letter, which they did not, the organization would have not signed it.

“Here at Progress Michigan, like the majority of Michigan’s residents, we are sick and tired of this state operating only to appease the wealthy. That is why in addition to denouncing this ridiculous stunt, today we are launching our own accountability campaign against Davidoff and the rest of the corporate shills who oppose giving Michiganians the right to choose their elected officials,” Scott continued. “If Davidoff doesn’t like the attention, perhaps he and the Michigan Chamber should stop trying to subvert the will of over 425,000 Michigan citizens and drop the suit or resign from the board.”


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