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June 27, 2018

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Schuette Backs Corporate, Discriminatory SCOTUS Rulings

Janus case and Muslim ban show Schuette does not want Michigan to be a welcoming place where working families can thrive

MICHIGAN — Attorney General Bill Schuette issued two statements on Wednesday signaling support for the latest rulings from the United States Supreme Court attacking working people and enshrining discriminatory travel bans.

“Whether it’s standing up to corporate front groups or standing with marginalized communities, Bill Schuette has shown he’s on the wrong side of those issues,” said Sam Inglot, deputy communications director at Progress Michigan and the project director of “The Janus ruling was nothing but an attempt to cut organized working people out at the knees to further rig the economy in favor of corporate interests, and the Muslim travel ban is another attempt by Republicans like Trump to enshrine Islamophobic and discriminatory policies into law. Bill Schuette only cares about one thing: appeasing his wealthy and extremist supporters like Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump to increase his own political power.”

Schuette’s statement on the Janus v. AFSCME ruling can be found here.

Schuette posted his response to the Muslim travel ban on his Facebook page:

“Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s authority to secure our borders and provide the necessary safety to Americans that has been ignored by past administrations. Join me in supporting this very important decision by signing my petition today,” Schuette wrote on Facebook today, adding, “The Supreme Court has upheld the executive authority to secure our borders and provide safety to Americans.”

“Bill Schuette is kissing Trump’s ring in an effort to boost his own profile and harming working people and Michigan’s diverse communities in the process,” Inglot said. “He’s standing with bigots and corporate donors when he should be standing up for a more equitable and welcoming Michigan. The people of this state deserve better.”



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