Right now, you or someone you know might be one of the 62.4 million people in the U.S. who gets birth control without any out-of-pocket costs. And that’s great, because when people have access to affordable birth control, they’re in control of a whole bunch of important things in their lives.

But copay-free birth control is under attack, and we need your help.

Progress Michigan has partnered with groups across the state to lift up the Keep Birth Control Copay Free campaign and we’re collecting personal stories that highlight the importance of accessing copay-free birth control.

We want to hear from you.

Follow this link and share your story. We want to put some personality and emotion behind the fight for birth control and we need your help.

And I want to put something out there: access to affordable birth control and family planning is not only a “women’s issue.” It affects men and gender non-conforming folks, too. It impacts entire families. As a man, I’ve benefitted from access to birth control and that’s why I’m in this fight — because it’s an issue that affects everyone.

Once we’ve collected a smattering of stories, we’ll lift them up and push them out so lawmakers, the media, and individuals across the state can see the very real importance of copay-free birth control.

Check out this link to share your birth control story. Your experience matters and when we all speak up together, we can make an impact.


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