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May 23, 2017

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Trump Budget Threatens Michigan Communities and Residents

MICHIGAN — Donald Trump’s budget proposal is boon for the wealthy, while Michigan residents and communities get the axe, Progress Michigan said today in a statement.

“It’s no wonder so many Michigan Republicans like Brian Calley and Bill Schuette backed Trump’s candidacy. He took pages right out of their playbook by creating a federal budget that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy and aids in the proliferation of unaccountable charter schools, while cutting crucial programs that help people across Michigan,” said Hugh Madden, communications director at Progress Michigan. “Money for programs like Medicaid, after-school and college readiness for low-income students, food assistance, student loans, and Great Lakes protection get axed in this budget, and real people will suffer because of it.

“Trump’s presidency — much like the total GOP control of Michigan for nearly a decade — is all about helping wealthy CEOs and campaign contributors. What we need is a budget providing food, water, housing, and education to everyone in this state and country, especially for those who are struggling,” Madden said.


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