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March 13, 2017

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Republican Health Scheme Would Leave Tens of Millions Uninsured

Plan is a boon for the wealthy, not working families 

MICHIGAN — Progress Michigan released the following statement regarding news from the Congressional Budget Office that the Republican health care scheme could take away coverage for 24 million Americans.

“As news has trickled out about the Republicans’ health care plan, our expectations only got lower and lower. This latest report from the CBO should be a signal to everyone that the plan being pushed by Republicans in Congress is a boon for the wealthy, but leaves working families behind and will strip millions of their healthcare,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director at Progress Michigan. “Michigan’s Republican Delegation, especially those on relevant committees like Fred Upton, Mike Bishop and Tim Walberg, need to stand up to their party and this misguided health care scheme. Health care should not be a privilege of only the wealthy, leaving others at the mercy of insurance companies. Every member of Congress should reject this plan. ”

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