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March 2, 2017

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Michigan’s Congressional Republicans Must Call for Sessions’ Resignation

Appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trump-Russia Ties, get Sessions out

LANSING — Progress Michigan is calling for Michigan’s Republican Congressional Delegation to demand the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for lying under oath and failing to disclose meetings with Russian officials during his confirmation hearing.

Additionally, Michigan’s Congressional Republicans must call for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump administration’s ties and activities with Russia.

“The nation’s top law enforcement official has been caught lying under oath to the American people and Michigan’s Republican Delegation must call for his resignation — and at a minimum they must demand that Sessions testify again under oath and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate further,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The people deserve to know the truth and that can’t happen until we all understand how deep Trump’s administration is involved with Russian interests. Sessions needs to step aside and get someone else to look into this situation and Michigan’s Republican elected officials in Washington D.C. are the ones who need to have a backbone and force his hand. Anything less would be a dereliction of their duty to honestly represent the people of Michigan.”


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