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May 10, 2016

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Snyder, EMs Get Pass From GOP-Led Flint Water Legislative Committee

Why were Gov. Snyder and former Flint emergency managers not called to testify?

LANSING — Today, Progress Michigan blasted the Joint Select Flint Water Public Health Emergency Committee for failing to bring in Gov. Rick Snyder and former Flint emergency managers, including Darnell Early, to testify under oath about the Flint Water Crisis.

The committee has been tasked with finding solutions to prevent disasters like this in the future. That cannot be done properly without hearing from those chiefly responsible: Snyder and his EMs.

“Why is the committee shielding Gov. Snyder and emergency managers from public scrutiny and answering to the people? If this committee was truly concerned with getting the answers we need to prevent this type of man-made disaster from happening again, why have those at the helm not been brought in for questioning?” asked Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Many of the members of the committee actually voted for the emergency manager law that helped usher in this crisis by stripping democracy from the citizens of Flint, so maybe that’s why they’re hesitant to bring in those responsible for the crisis. The Republicans in the legislature and on this committee are just as culpable for pushing the types of policies that created this disaster as Rick Snyder, who has made fiscal austerity and voter disenfranchisement pillars of his administration.”


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