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May 19, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Bought and Paid For: Conservatives Bend to the Will of Corporate Lobbyists

House committee members put interests of Wall Street over Main Street

MICHIGAN — Today, 11 conservative lawmakers — who collectively received at least $138,300 from corporate lobbyists who supported the legislation — voted to annihilate local control by tying the hands of communities from having a say in how businesses treat their friends, family and neighbors.

The legislation, known as the Death Star Bill or HB4052, is an attack on workers, communities and democracy. The bill passed out of the House Commerce and Trade Committee by an 11-7 margin along party lines with GOP Rep. Mike Callton passing. Every elected official who voted yes on the bill received at least $1,000 from the corporate lobbyists who supported the legislation, with some representatives receiving over $20,000.

Donation totals on the committee are as follows: Joe Graves – $11,950; Jason Shepard – $6,000; Nancy Jenkins – $19,950; Joel Johnson – $11,000; Bruce Rendon – $23,950; Pat Sommerville – $16,450; Holly Hughes – $29,600; Tom Barrett – $13,750; Daniela Garcia – $1,000; Gary Glenn – $3,150; Eric Leutheuser – $1,500. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Earl Poleski, received $9,700 in contributions.

“Today’s vote was not about local control, rather, it was a statement about the corporate control of conservatives in our legislature,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Big business has it figured out: cut a check, come to committee, cash in a vote. It’s sad that these conservative representatives have sold out workers and the communities they represent for a corporate campaign donation.”

The bill is now before the full House for consideration.

Donations from organizations that support the bill include, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Restaurant Association, Small Business Association of Michigan, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, Michigan Retailers Association, Associated Builders & Contractors of Michigan, and ABC of Michigan PAC.


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