Tonight is Gov. Snyder’s fifth State of the State address where he will undoubtedly try to whitewash his corporate-driven agenda.

You may recall what we did last year with the State of the State. We introduced you to the Fake Rick Snyder. This year, we set out to show Michiganders where Gov. Snyder’s loyalties truly lie: with his corporate puppet masters.

And what better way to highlight that than with a Corporate Puppet Rick Snyder? He laughs, he talks, he’s made of foam and he’s ready for four more years of putting the needs of his corporate masters above Michigan families.

This isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing Corporate Puppet Snyder — and he’s certainly not the last corporate crony that we’ll be Muppetizing.

We like to have fun and do things differently at Progress Michigan, but the message behind this video and character couldn’t be more serious. Gov. Snyder has been a puppet for corporate special interests ever since he took office. We’ve seen massive corporate tax giveaways, a massive influx of for-profit and unaccountable charter schools and sweetheart deals like the Aramark contract. It’s clear who’s pulling the strings in the Snyder administration — CEOs and corporate special interests — and we’re out to set the record straight.

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