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September 25, 2014

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Snyder Administration Ordered Treasury to Show ‘Investment Value’ of Aramark
Email obtained through a FOIA request raises questions about administration’s relationship with Aramark

An email recently obtained by Progress Michigan through a Freedom of Information Act request shows that Dennis Muchmore, Gov. Rick Snyder’s chief of staff, asked the Treasury Department to conduct a, “quick analysis of the investment value” of Aramark. The email shows that Muchmore requested this analysis because of concerns over “recent controversies” related to the Aramark contract with the Department of Corrections. The response email was not released with the remainder of the FOIA.

The email raises numerous questions about the Snyder administration’s relationship with Aramark:

– Why is the governor’s Chief of Staff concerned with the investment value of Aramark?
– Why does Dennis Muchmore appear to be acting as an agent for Aramark?
– Is this related to the earlier fine issued to Aramark that Muchmore appears to have played a role in cancelling?
– Does the governor or his top staffers such as Rich Baird and Dennis Muchmore have investments in Aramark?
– Was Gov. Snyder made aware of Muchmore’s interest in the investment value of Aramark?
– Was Dennis Muchmore concerned about Aramark losing investment value due to scandals in Michigan prisons?
– Are personal investments or political donations driving the refusal to hold Aramark accountable by cancelling the contract?
– -The email refers to “John”. Who’s that? One of the people who received a big raise from Snyder? Where’s his analysis?
– Why was the request so urgent? What was going on July 17th?
– The email refers to doing an analysis for “us”. Who’s that?
– What did Clinton do in response to the email?
– Why did Muchmore call the request a “favor”?

The email released today follows an earlier email, obtained and released by Progress Michigan, that showed Dennis Muchmore was heavily involved in the cancellation of an earlier announced $98,000 fine issued to Aramark. The email chain does not include the response from Treasury to Muchmore.

“Governor Snyder has said that the Aramark contract was based on what’s best for Michigan taxpayers. This email shows that his administration is concerned with what’s best for the investment value of Aramark,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Governor Snyder needs to come clean and tell Michigan voters the full extent of his and/or his top administration officials relationship with Aramark and immediately release all documents in the executive branch pertaining to the Aramark contract with the Department of Corrections.”


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