We love making waves at Progress Michigan.

We definitely made the right kind of waves when we released documents showing that the Snyder administration had a hand in quietly removing a $98,000 fine on Aramark, the out-of-state corporation that was handed a $145 million dollar contract to run our state prisons’ food service.

We know you’re busy, so we decided to give you a media rundown of some of the best hits our accountability work has resulted in:

Prisons director canceled $98,000 fine imposed on Aramark

SCANDAL: Snyder administration quietly canceled $98K fine for for-profit prison food vendor Aramark, then things got much worse

Michigan Corrections canceled first $98,000 Aramark fine for contract violations

Canceled Aramark fine questioned by state panel member

Schauer accuses governor of lying about canceled Aramark fine

Former Florida prison chief to monitor Aramark food contract

Suspicious Conversations Between Aramark And Gov. Office

UPDATED: MI-GOV SCANDAL – Snyder admin quietly canceled $98K fine for for-profit prison food vendor

Aramark prison food contract sparks debate in Michigan Legislature

State prisons chief canceled $98K fine against food service contractor Aramark

We’re not stopping. We’ve filed a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections for the rest of the emails that they’re trying to hide from us. We’ll keep you posted as we continue to be watchdogs against privatization and government corruption.

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