Rick Snyder likes to remind us that he’s an accountant. Maybe he’s attempting to explain his awkwardness in public (no offense to my accountant friends) or is trying to justify his policies that hurt working families, seniors and children (“Hey don’t blame me, blame the numbers.”)

But what if we took a look Snyder’s bottom line. No spin, no emotion – just the facts ma’am as Joe Friday would say:

  • There IS a new retirement tax on the books that wasn’t in place when Rick Snyder took office (Snyder implemented it to balance his bottom line.)
  • Rick Snyder cut $1 billion from our classrooms.

Rick Snyder likes to pretend that, even though we still lag behind other states, that we’re on the “road to recovery” despite how people really feel. Here’s the bottom line: When compared to the rest of the nation, Rick Snyder has failed.

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