Today, Governor Rick Snyder was challenged to explain why he protected and doubled a contract that benefitted his cousin, while at the same time he was cutting education funds and taxing pensions – a fair question.

The Governor’s response has me scratching my head:

“His company has been doing office furniture with state of Michigan business for decades. He has a contract to do office [furniture] with the state of Michigan. Do you know when that deal was done? Before I took office. So there’s nothing to this at all. It’s basically people trying to occupy time and space and make this a story, so we’ll spend less time working on jobs. And I won’t play that game.”

A lot of things were in place before Snyder took office. For instance, Michigan was a Free Bargaining state before he took office, seniors paying the new pension tax didn’t pay it before Snyder took office, and school funding was higher than it is now before Snyder took office. All of these things were changed by Snyder under the slogan “Reinventing Michigan”.

Apparently, taking a hard look at a contract to purchase new furniture is “a game” because it happened before Snyder took office. I guess “Reinventing Michigan” doesn’t apply when the governor’s cousin is involved.

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