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March 19, 2014

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Progress Michigan: Rick Snyder Out of Touch

Closed door fundraiser with Chris Christie further proof of Snyder’s wrong priorities

LANSING – Today, Progress Michigan blasted Rick Snyder as out of touch while he holds a closed-door fundraiser with embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“Rick Snyder has blocked progress in Michigan, just like Chris Christie blocked traffic in New Jersey,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director for Progress Michigan. “Snyder likes to run around calling us ‘the comeback state’ but he really needs to come back to reality.”

According to the latest unemployment figures from the Department of Labor, Michigan has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the country.

Citizens across Michigan are demanding a plan to fix the state’s crumbling roads and bridges. And parents are demanding answers as to why their children are being packed into classrooms with more and more kids due to Snyder’s cuts to education funding.

Voters have taken notice of Snyder’s wrong priorities. A recent poll shows that 53 percent of voters view Snyder as “out of touch,” including 59 percent of independent voters.

“Rick Snyder has embraced a conservative, trickle down economic policy that only works for the wealthy and the well-connected,” Scott said. “Therefore it comes as no surprise that a majority of Michigan voters describe Snyder as just another out of touch conservative politician.”

Scott was joined today on a press call by progressive advocates from around the Great Lakes region who voiced similar concerns about the governors in their states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The audio recording for that call can be found here.


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