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BuenaVistaWebsiteMichigan students are paying the price for massive cuts to education funding, and it’s time for Lansing Republicans to do something about the problem they created.

The financial mismanagement of the Buena Vista schools has resulted in the district closing a month early, even though teachers volunteered to work for free.

It’s time for this administration to use the state’s rainy day fund to ensure that Buena Vista kids can get a quality education, and more importantly to ensure kids across the state are given a free public education as guaranteed in the Michigan Constitution.

To put it simply, this is why rainy day funds exist: for “rainy days” or an unexpected crisis.

400 students being turned out of their school and denied an education certainly qualifies as an emergency.

It’s obvious that politicians like Governor Rick Snyder took the side of corporate CEOs and wealthy special interests over Michigan kids when he signed bills to give a massive handout to corporations and short-changed Michigan schools by more than $2 billion.

Rick Snyder needs to demonstrate leadership instead of playing partisan games, and Republican politicians need to get their priorities straight by investing in education. We’re seeing the relentless failure of leadership from the governor, and Michigan kids shouldn’t have to pay the price for Lansing’s wrong priorities.

It’s past time to start putting Michigan’s kids first, and to invest in our community public schools. It’s our obligation to ensure a quality learning environment for all students. And we can start with the kids in Buena Vista.

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