Rep. Kenneth Kurtz has introduced bills that would deny homes to children based on religious beliefs. House Bills 5763 and 5764 are being introduced in the Families, Children and Seniors Committee today, Tuesday, November 27th.

These bills are offensive and ridiculous.

HB 5763 and 5764 essentially give adoption agencies a license to discriminate based on religious beliefs. This smokescreen of religious morality does nothing to increase protections for kids in the foster care system, and is essentially a free pass to disregard eligible parents from adoption based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or ethnicity.

Michigan’s Department of Human Services says that more than 14,000 children in Michigan are currently in foster care.

Rep. Kurtz needs to prioritize the health and well-being of the countless children who are currently looking for a home instead of a blindly pursuing a religious agenda and discriminating potential families.

Legislators in Michigan need to get back to work for their constituents, and focus on creating good paying jobs and restoring funding cuts to education.

Thousands of Michigan’s kids are looking for homes, and for loving adoptive parents to show them support and guidance. These kids need a solid foundation to grow, not partisan politics that sidelines efforts to find them safe and eligible adoptive parents.

Please help us take a stand.

You can sign a petition from Equality Michigan telling these legislators this should not be their priority.

Our priority should be the well-being of Michigan’s kids. Arbitrary discrimination shouldn’t stop 14,000 children from finding good homes.

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