We’ve got some exciting news.

This morning we released a TV ad telling Michiganders about Pete Hoekstra’s radical record – and the ideas he would endorse as a U.S. Senator.

Watch “Politician Pete” – then sign our petition and forward it to your friends and family to spread the word!

 With “Politician Pete” we’re getting the facts out to Michiganders:

  • When Pete Hoekstra was a Congressman, he sided with President Bush and the special interests to privatize Social Security.
  • After leaving Congress, Pete Hoekstra went to work for a Washington lobbying firm.
  • Now as a candidate for U.S. Senate, Pete says he would “obviously” vote for Paul Ryan’s risky scheme to replace Medicare with a voucher system, charging seniors $6,400 more every year.

Progress Michigan is committed to holding Washington politicians like Pete Hoekstra accountable. We’ll always be a strong voice advocating for Michigan’s middle class.

 We need your help to keep the pressure on Politician Pete – sign our petition and help us get the word out today to make sure Michiganders know the truth about his record.


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