What’s worse than unethical lawmakers crafting legislation? Unethical lawmakers facing absolutely zero repercussions for blatantly sidestepping a moral duty and trying to disenfranchise voters.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson claims to uphold the law in Michigan – repeatedly citing putting a stop to fraud as a top priority – but her actions following this scandal will speak louder than her talking points:

Prosecutor Forsyth concluded that it’s not legal for an athlete to throw a game, but it is still legal for politicians to do the same thing to our elections under Michigan’s election law.

Michiganders have repeatedly been embarrassed by Lansing Republicans. Secretary Johnson should put her money where her mouth is and immediately investigate this heinous instance of election fraud.

While Ruth Johnson went on a crusade to eliminate voter fraud, the Michigan GOP hatched a devious scheme to rig an election in the 76th District. As William Forsyth said – embarrassing.

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