Despite all the lies and hyperbole being spread by right-wing extremists over implementation of the different pieces of the Affordable Care Act, the truth is that many of the law’s provisions enjoy support from a majority of Americans. Among those provisions is a state health insurance exchange to allow people to more easily shop for health insurance, which a majority of small business owners support and say they would use

Lansing Republicans in competitive races are trying to run from the issue by ducking questions entirely. Watch Rep. Mark Ouimet (R-Scio Twp.) dodge a question about when the House will move on the health insurance exchanges:

This is especially frustrating for Michiganders because Republican politicians have known about the health insurance exchanges since before the last election – but they’ve been so busy slashing education to pay for huge tax breaks for wealthy special interests and corporations that they forgot to do what they were required to do. Lansing Republicans, including Rep. Mark Ouimet, should stop dodging and get to work on setting up an exchange so middle-class Michigan families can more easily find affordable health insurance.


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