Yesterday the so-called “Michigan Truth Squad” called foul on Sen. Gretchen Whitmer for, “not backing up claims that the pension tax has placed ‘a great burden’ on seniors.”


According to the Truth Squad’s own analysis, the tax “is expected to raise about $344 million in fiscal year 2013.”

The simple fact is that Michigan seniors living on a fixed income are now paying a new tax on their pensions. That’s money that won’t be spent at local small businesses on gas, groceries, or prescription drugs.

Even Republicans like Rep. Joe Graves have said, “The pension tax takes money out of our economy and sends it to state government. That is not going to help revitalize our economy and get Michigan back on track.”

The bigger question here is why did the Truth Squad take the time to write about Whitmer’s floor statement at all?

Let’s step back for a minute.

Less than a week ago, former Congressman Pete Hoekstra went full-birther, saying, “he believes the country should establish a national office that would vet and confirm a candidate’s ability to run for the presidency.”

In response, MLive columnist Susan Demas said, “This is really black helicopter stuff.”

She’s right. And yet, the Truth Squad has said nothing to set the record straight about Hoekstra’s comments about creating a federal birther office.

We’re all for holding politicians from both parties accountable, but we call foul on any self-declared “Truth Squad” that fails to live up to its own standards.

According to their website, the “Truth Squad” calls foul on “A statement that distorts or incorrectly states a fact involving policy. We’ll provide the sources for our assessments, and let you decide whether we’re making the right call.”

Attacking Whitmer’s comments on the pension tax – which are backed up by the facts – while ignoring Hoekstra’s “black helicopter” birther comments makes me think the “Truth Squad” may have jumped the shark. 

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