We’ve all experienced the bitter taste of disappointment in life. We’ve all had reactions we regret.

But as the Hartland Township “Retake our Government” group is about to prove, there are always new lows for extreme reactions to disappointment.

The local “tea party” group planned to burn then bury the 2,409 page Affordable Care Act. However, the 5-4 Supreme Court decision to uphold it took them off guard. Because the group isn’t able to declare the bill metaphorically dead, they burned it on Friday instead, outside of the Putnam township hall to make a statement.

What does that represent? Who knows, their anger at millions of Americans being covered?

Never mind children can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Never mind that millions of young adults can stay on their parents healthcare until they are 26-years-old and on their feet.

Never mind it stops insurance companies from canceling coverage when someone gets sick.

This bill is a sweeping decision that will one day be remembered as one of the most significant rulings from the Supreme Court in our short history.

So was Brown v. Board of Education that ended segregation in schools. The backlash was just as extreme and passionate, as it was irrational.

But we all know that it was the right decision. Not for the few, but rather for all Americans.

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