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Thursday, May 24, 2012
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$23 from election year tax gimmick won’t help taxpayers buy gas, diapers, textbooks

LANSING – Today citizens group Progress Michigan released a list of items that Michigan taxpayers won’t be able to buy with the .1 percent income tax cut that is being proposed by Lansing Republicans. For taxpayers earning $50,000 per year, the new tax gimmick would save approximately $23 in 2012. The list can be viewed on Pinterest:

“It’s clear Lansing Republicans are desperate to make voters forget about their $1.8 billion corporate tax giveaway, which was paid for by Michigan’s students, seniors, and workers,” said Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “Fortunately, Michigan voters are smart enough to see through this election year ploy, especially when they realize that $23 won’t even pay for a tank of gas, a box of diapers, or a college textbook. It’s time for Lansing Republicans to stop the political games and focus on real solutions to rebuild Michigan’s economy.”

Today Progress Michigan also launched a Twitter hashtag, #23dollars, which can be used to tweet about everyday items that middle class taxpayers won’t be able to afford with the $23 income tax gimmick.

Just yesterday, Gov. Rick Snyder said, “I’m a taxpayer, too and if I can get a little more relief, I’d be happier about it.” Snyder has good reason to be happy, since he reported income of $1.8 MILLION in 2010, and recently announced plans to break a campaign promise by accepting his $159,300 taxpayer-funded salary in 2012.

According to the Michigan League for Human Services, “If you are making about a million dollars…you would get $444 back” under the new GOP tax gimmick.


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