To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Mitt Romney’s signing into law his historic health care reform in Massachusetts, ProgressNow New Mexico has launched “” and the #ThanksRomneycare online campaign.
Know Your Care Michigan and Progress Michigan invite you to join our progressive partners in New Mexico and around the country in celebrating the 6th anniversary of Romneycare!
Thanks to Mitt Romney’s progressive health care reform model, we will soon all enjoy the same access to affordable care under provisions of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.
Thanks to “Obamacare,” millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, young people who were previously uncovered, and seniors all enjoy affordable access to health care!  And we can thank Mitt Romney for a progressive model for health care reform.
The website and campaign includes:

  • A webform for supporters to email Mitt Romney to thank him for his Romneycare model
  • A “quick tweet” feature, using the hashtag #ThanksRomneycare enabling Twitter users to share their own health care reform stories
  • A Facebook page enabling supporters to share their health care stories

Join the campaign, and



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