Today, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a right-wing, Koch Brothers-funded front group, kicked off what they called a “citizen education effort” to “turn up the grassroots heat on Senator [Debbie] Stabenow.” Unlike most “grassroots efforts,” they’re coming out the gates fully funded with half a million dollars. 

Long ago, out-of-state special interest groups like AFP proved they care more about special treatment and tax carve-outs than things actual working Michiganders care about, like jobs. Michigan families want someone in Washington who is willing to fight for good clean energy jobs, not politicians more concerned with Big Oil’s bottom line than working families’ budgets.

AFP-Michigan launched their effort with a highly partisan poll claiming Michiganders want to see the federal programs which are vital to the well-being of our state’s most vulnerable citizens come to a swift end. While AFP and the GOP field are busy assigning blame and dissembling facts, Senator Stabenow has been hard at work fighting for good-paying, clean energy jobs for Michigan families and an end to tax breaks for oil companies and large corporations. 

Michigan has been recognized as a national leader in clean energy jobs since 2009, thanks to 17 advanced battery companies and nearly 50 solar, wind and biofuel companies that came to Michigan between August 2009 and December 2010, adding jobs at a 30 percent rate in addition to the 109,000-plus green jobs that were already here. Senator Stabenow has led the effort to bring advanced battery plants to Michigan and stands up for farmers every day as Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee. 

The poll also blames the Affordable Care Act for much of what is wrong in Washington. This flies in the face of the facts that state Michigan seniors on Medicare saved nearly $49 million on prescription drugs in 2011, 3.5 million Michiganders no longer face lifetime limits on care, and over 57,000 young adults in Michigan alone can still be covered by their parents’ plan.

Republican politicians and their corporate friends want to blame Senator Stabenow for Washington dysfunction – but their alternative, Pandering Pete Hoekstra, has been embarrassing our state for years. That’s why we’re grateful to Debbie for her hard work on behalf of working Michiganders. We’re going to let her know by tweeting with the hashtag #ThanksALotDebbie – we hope you join.

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