Over the last year, Lansing politicians have moved one anti-worker measure after another, doing nothing to help put Michigan back to work. It’s no surprise that Republicans oppose one of the last remaining checks on the corporate special interests that fund their campaigns. But it’s not right for them to attack struggling Michigan workers. 

Enough is enough. Now more than ever, workers need the right to speak up and protect our wages and benefits. Collective bargaining helps protect your job, your wages and benefits, and your safety on the job. That’s why citizens from across Michigan will soon begin collecting signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that will enshrine into our state Constitution the basic right of every worker to collectively bargain.

Michiganders who work hard and play by the rules have always powered our economy. In fact, they built the middle class in Michigan, but right now they’re getting crushed. Yesterday, Lansing politicians retaliated against workers’ efforts to protect collective bargaining rights. They did so by passing HB 4929, which would punish public school teachers, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers by placing burdensome new restrictions on the collection of dues that protect employees through collective bargaining agreements. According to the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency, HB 4929 “would have no significant fiscal impact on school districts.”

Michigan workers join unions so they’re not on their own when it comes time to negotiate for the fair pay and decent benefits they need to take care of their families. Collective bargaining gives all workers a voice – now we need to protect our collective bargaining rights to help rebuild our economy.


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