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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
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Majority in State House receive failing grade 

LANSING – Clean Water Action held a press conference at the State Capitol today to urge the majority in the legislature to start protecting Michigan’s water and other natural resources in the New Year.

 “A majority of Michigan’s State Representatives have voted to whittle away at our water protections in the name of job creation, but these votes have done nothing to create jobs,” said Cyndi Roper, Director of Michigan Clean Water Action. “Protecting our Great Lakes and Michigan’s other water treasures creates jobs, and this legislature has gone off-duty when it comes to protecting our water.” 

Roper pointed out that Michigan politicians know the state’s voters care about our water so their campaign messages usually include a focus on Great Lakes protection and other water themes. 

 “The distinction between campaign rhetoric and lawmaker voting records tells the real story and, unfortunately, most state lawmakers last year turned their backs on strengthening water protections,” Roper said.

Those absent from today’s press conference were the majority of lawmakers whom received a failing grade. Out of the 67 legislators who scored below 60%, a startling 58 received 0% scores.  In attendance were a number of Michigan’s Clean Water Heroes and honorable mention award recipients who were chosen for their votes to protect Michigan’s vital natural resources.

“We’re joined today by State Representatives who understand you can protect Michigan’s water and create jobs,” said Roper.  “They’re standing up for Michigan’s water, our Pure Michigan jobs, and our future.”

Roper called on the legislature to start working on the priorities included in Clean Water Action’s Water Protection Agenda if they’re serious about creating jobs.  Said Roper:  “Instead of dismantling our protections, lawmakers should be working full-time to protect our water, the one thing that literally defines Michigan and secures our future.”

Clean Water Action’s midterm scorecard is based upon a compilation of the top ten worst environmental bills that came up for a vote on the House floor this past year. The Senate was not included in the midterm scorecard because that chamber has only voted on a handful of environmental measures.

The scorecard, which includes a full scoring breakdown and a description of the bills, can be found on our website.

Clean Water Action is Michigan’s largest environmental organization with more than 250,000 Michigan members served by offices in East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Clinton Township and Washington, DC.  Clean Water Action is working for clean, safe and affordable water; prevention of health threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work.  Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems. 

2011 Environmental Heroes:
Joan Bauer (D-68)
Lisa Brown (D-39)
George Darany (D-15)
Jeff Irwin (D-53)
Ellen Cogen Lipton (D-27)
David Nathan (D-11)
John Olumba (D-5)
David Rutledge (D-54)
Charles Smiley (D-50)
Jon Switalski (D-25)
Rashida Tlaib (D-12)
Jim Townsend (D-26)
Jimmy Womack (D-7)
2011 Honorable Mentions:
Vicki Barnett (D-37)
Tim Bledsoe (D-1)
Barb Byrum (D-67)
Philip Cavanagh (D-17)
Bob Constan (D-16)
Rudy Hobbs (D-35)
Marcia Hovey-Wright (D-92)
Shanelle Jackson ( D-9)
Mark Meadows (D-69)
Thomas Stallworth (D-8)
2011 Environmental Zeroes:
Dave Agema (R-74)
Jase Bolger (R-63)
Jon Bumstead (R-100)
Mike Callton (R-87)
Kevin Cotter (R-99)
Hugh Crawford (R-38)
Kevin Daley (R-82)
Kurt Damrow (R-84)
Cindy Denby (R-47)
Jeff Farrington (R-30)
Frank Foster (R-107)
Ray Franz (R-101)
Bob Genetski (R-88)
Jud Gilbert (R-81)
Ben Glardon (R-85)
Ken Goike (R-33)
Gail Haines (R-43)
Joe Haveman (R-90)
Kurt Heise (R-20)
Thomas Hooker (R-77)
Ken Horn (R-94)
Holly Hughes (R-91)
Matt Huuki (R-110)
Bradford Jacobsen (R-46)
Nancy Jenkins (R-57)
Joel Johnson (R-97)
Marty Knollenberg (R-41)
Eileen Kowall (R-44)
Kenneth Kurtz (R-58)
Andrea LaFontaine (R-32)
Pete Lund (R-36)
Lisa Lyons (R-86)
Peter MacGregor (R-73)
Greg MacMaster (R-105)
Ed McBroom (R-108)
Tom McMillin (R-45)
Chuck Moss (R-40)
Paul Muxlow (R-83)
Aric Nesbitt (R-80)
Margaret O’Brien (R-61)
Rick Olson (R-55)
Paul Opsommer (R-93)
Mark Ouimet (R-52)
Rick Outman (R-70)
Peter Pettalia (R-106)
Earl Poleski (R-64)
Phil Potvin (R-102)
Amanda Price (R-89)
Al Pscholka (R-79)
Bruce Rendon (R-103)
Bill Rogers (R-66)
Paul Scott (R-51)
Deb Shaughnessy (R-71)
Mike Shirkey (R-65)
Pat Somerville (R-23)
John Walsh (R-19)
Ken Yonker (R-72)
Dale Zorn (R-56

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