The right-wing, Moonie-owned Washington Times ran a story over the weekend accusing Congressman Dale Kildee of sexual assault based on interviews with the accused’s family, who are Kildee’s cousins.  Kildee just released this statement in which the Flint Democrat strongly denies the allegations and reveals he brought the FBI into the matter after an attempt to shake him down for money and a job.   Read on…

For Immediate Release…                                                                 

November 20, 2011

Contact:Peter Karafotas
(202) 225-3611
Kildee Calls Allegations Completely False and Unfounded

Washington, D.C.-Congressman Dale E. Kildee released the following statement today in response to false allegations that he had inappropriate contact with a second cousin more than 50 years ago. 

“The allegations against me are completely false and shameful.  I regret having to air all of this in public, but I feel like I have no choice.

 This is a concerted effort by distant relatives, two of whom have a long history of mental illness and multiple run-ins with the law, along with political adversaries to destroy my reputation by lying about something that never took place more than 50 years ago.

Republicans tried to peddle these scurrilous allegations during my last congressional race and authorities and reputable news outlets rejected these false allegations.  Now they are back at it again to try to win an open congressional seat.  These allegations resurfaced recently when the accuser’s son asked me for money and federal benefits, which I refused to do and which I formally reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

 The following audio tapes were recently posted online by the family in which they discuss in their own words how they attempted to blackmail me. They further state that they have no evidence to support their claims while discussing at length the long history of mental illness.  Twenty years ago, the accuser’s wife called me demanding federal benefits.  On the audio, the family admits to the blackmail and says the accuser’s wife said, “you’re going to get me his Social Security disability, or I’m going to go public with that.”

In addition, this letter is the last communication I had with my second cousin 23 years ago.  The letter clearly shows he held no animosity towards me and can only be categorized as bizarre.”


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