OK, supercommittee members Fred Upton and Dave Camp didn’t finally do the right thing and agree to hold a public meeting to listen to their constituents back home. That’s crazy talk.

In reality, they’re finishing up this week of recess and getting ready to run back to D.C. and hide behind their Wall Street campaign donors. Nope, no public town halls for them.

So members of the Michigan Nurses Association will do their jobs for them – they’ll hold citizen town halls in Camp and Upton’s districts on Monday to give those who can’t afford a lobbyist the chance to tell their stories, express their concerns and ask their questions.  They’ll relay these to the Congressmen, because the 99 percent should and MUST be heard. 

RSVP to the Dave Camp Town Hall

RSVP to the Fred Upton Town Hall

The nurses had hoped that citizens wouldn’t have to talk to an empty chair. But for weeks, Camp and Upton ignored the nurses’ multiple requests, through many means – including radio ads and billboards – for a public town hall. 

They simply wanted the Congressmen to take 90 minutes to listen and respond – in public – to their constituents’ questions and concerns about how the supercommittee is going to cut at least $1.2 trillion from our nation’s budget without putting struggling Michigan families at risk. The nurses even asked during visits to the Congressmen’s offices in D.C. – and got very disturbing answers.

Well, you know what they say. If you want something done, do it yourself.  The nurses and other citizens will be doing just that Monday night. 

Sounds like it’s time to call out Dave Camp and Fred Upton and occupy a town hall. 


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