Protests.  Rallies.  Arrests. People are restless. People are anxious. Occupy Wall Street camps are popping up all over—and for good reason. Big banks and financial institutions got bailed out -and are now making record profits while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. Politicians care more about CEOs and corporations than our communities.

One of the most outrageous examples of this in Michigan is Gov. Rick Snyder’s corporate-serving Public Act 4, the “emergency manager” law, passed last March. You remember that one—the law that allows Snyder and state Treasurer Andy Dillon to appoint emergency managers who have total control of a community or school district.

Emergency Managers can sell off public property, shred union and other contracts, dismiss democratically elected officials and even dissolve local governments and school districts entirely. All with no citizen oversight.

Fortunately, 28 dedicated citizens throughout the state stepped up with our friends at the Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice to overturn Public Act 4 in court. Sugar Law has committed a huge amount of time and resources to working with plaintiffs, building the legal case, and educating the public (see their clearinghouse for Public Act 4 news and updates) as they fight to protect our democratic rights.

Each year, Sugar Law holds their annual “ESSENTIAL: Advocacy for Community Justice” reception honoring a community activist. This year, Sugar Law will present the Maurice Sugar Voice for Justice Award to the 28 committed individuals who brought the legal challenge to Michigan’s unconstitutional “emergency manager” law.

Want to get involved?

You can help Sugar Law fund the fight to defeat Michigan’s unconstitutional “emergency manager” law by buying tickets or simply contributing to their “ESSENTIAL: Advocacy for Community Justice” event honoring the 28 activists standing up for all of us. If you come to the reception, you’ll not only support the work but enjoy live jazz, delicious eats—and get some inspiration for your own efforts.


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