After spending the last few months demagoguing about introducing so-called  “Right To Work” laws that would destroy what’s left of the manufacturing base in this state and pull down the wages of the middle class, the state Senate, led by Sen. Randy Richardville, has introduced “Right To Work” legislation, with a devious twist.

The law is aimed specifically at teachers, and is nothing more than a blatant attack on those who are educating our state’s next generation of leaders. 

There is no economic case that can be made to defend singling out one profession, and no precedent for the legislature attacking working Michiganders in this way. This can only be seen as serving one purpose: furthering the personal and political goals of Sen. Richardville and Michigan Republicans.

Republicans claim to be focused on job creation and “reinventing” Michigan, but are obviously distracted by an opportunity to play politics with legislation. Instead of laying out a real plan to promote our state’s economy and create jobs, Sen. Richardville is trying to use teachers as scapegoats for Michigan’s economic problems and to justify his own misguided legislative priorities. 

Sen. Richardville is on record saying he doesn’t support “Right To Work,” but is willing to support it when it entails legislative payback, singling out one group of people – apparently for nothing more than their political opinions. 

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