Just when you think our out-of-touch politicians in Lansing have hit their lowest point politically, today they plan to take up an abortion ban that already exists. 

Yes, at a time when more than one out of every 10 Michiganders is unemployed, the Republican-controlled House and Senate are busy scoring cheap political points with anti-choice extremists. 

Federal law has banned late-term abortion procedures since 2003.  Yet in recession-ravaged Michigan our elected officials are hoping today to pass two bills that would prohibit the same medical procedures.  This is a waste of time and nothing more than an attempt to play politics with women’s health and lives. Tell Michigan lawmakers to focus on real issues like jobs for Michigan citizens, not decades-old culture wars.

I don’t need to tell you that lawmakers should have plenty to keep them busy. Even Governor Snyder admits that the state’s roads, bridges and highways are badly in need of repair. Yet Republicans refuse to get serious, choosing instead to focus on legislation that is completely unnecessary and irrelevant to our state’s future. 

Republicans constantly preach small-government ideology until it comes to women and their health. Then they want government to tell doctors what’s best for their patients.  

Send a strong message to your elected representatives. Tell them to focus on jobs instead of scoring cheap political points on a divisive issue that has already been decided by the federal government.

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